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chloexdavis: writing the virtual season

taking fail and transforming it

chloexdavis:the virtual season
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a community for season 9, without the fail (ie the chloe/davis show)
Smallville Season 8 brought us many things, among them, the character of Davis Bloome, a man destined to become Doomsday/the Ultimate Destroyer. He met Chloe Sullivan, the-red-and-blue-blur's sidekick in the middle of the dust and smoking ash and the rest is history.

Over the Season Davis became someone we could root for, the good guy caught in a bad situation of truly epic proportions. Imagine our shock when Smallville once again! retconned and lightswitched this storyline into something unrecognizable, in the name of MYTHOS.

After the rather ugly blow that was Doomsday, no Failsday some of us still held out hope. With some work, this mess could be fixed. A few spoilers later, we have come to the conclusion that it is best done. by us, the fans.

So, that, exactly is what this comm is for. Following the 'canon' storyline through the show, with Doomsday included, we are going to tell the whole Real story. In a way that doesn't reinforce the whole 'no free will!' message. Care to join us?

Q and A
What is a virtual season? According to wikipedia, a virtual season is usually a collaborative effort to produce a compilation of fan stories or scripts portraying episodes of an entire season for a television program . Often, these writers will elect members of their group to be the imaginary producers, head writers, editors, and other traditional roles to aid in the coordination of the virtual season's material, direction, and continuity.

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